Meet Us

Kim Cameron, Principal Brian Knudsvig, Principal Bob Jensen, Creative Director Gail Silewski, Controller
Andrea Fazendin, Project Consultant Kari Stecher, Project Consultant Janie Mork, Senior Project Associate Clare Fleischhacker, Senior Account Associate
Joe Atol, Design Associate Matthew Scauzillo, Deign Associate Jameson Zaerr, Account Manager Joy Peterson, Account Associate
Kristie Kordosky, Project Associate Kali Breska, Project Associate Sophie Hansen, Project Associate Neil Bechtold, Production Associate
Jose Dominguez, Production Associate Patrick Bossert, Installation Associate Mark Adams, Installation Associate Jeff Higgins, Installation Associate
Mandi Hansen, Installation and Production Associate Jason Saks, Production Associate Ben Leahy, Production Associate Gerald Nelson, Production Associate
Ricky Williams, Production Associate Nick Vander Loop, Production Associate Nate Koffron, Production Associate Joey Raso, Production Associate

Kim Cameron, Principal

  • kim-3eb039329d9ee37e3c0f9119a6fd9062
    Kim has worked as a project manager and art consultant for over 20 years. She knows that every client has a unique story, specific style request and budget. Kim’s experience with thousands of projects, both regionally and nationally, has given her the background to be a successful art advisor. Co-founding Art Partners Group in 2006 has expanded Kim’s ability to add and improve client services, create a network of artists and publishers, and partner with suppliers who value quality and cost-effective solutions. Kim holds a BA in Art History from the University of Minnesota.


    (952) 548-6644

  • Brian Knudsvig, Principal

  • brian-knudsvig
    Brian co-founded Art Partners Group in 2006 with the goal of helping clients with their complete interior visual experience. He appreciates the uniqueness and challenges of every project and finding new ways to create the right solution for each client. Brian has been involved with various aspects of commercial real estate, project management and design for over 20 years. He holds a BA in Business from the University of Iowa.


    (952) 548-6643


  • Bob Jensen, Creative Director

  • bob-jensen
    Bob is an experienced Environmental Graphic Artist, Project Manager and Production Associate. His design solutions incorporate the client’s specific branding requirements with their vision for the uniqueness of the final solution. Bob takes pride in coordinating the design with dynamic materials and methodologies while balancing the required level of flexibility. Bob holds a BA in Art and Graphic Design from Mount Mercy College.


    (952) 548-6650

  • Gail Silewski, Controller

  • Gail Silewski joined Art Partners Group in 2019 as an accountant with over 20 years of experience.  Prior to joining the team, Gail has worked with printer companies, the mortgage industry, data storage and church accounting.  In her spare time, Gail enjoys mentoring and coordinating robotics teams in Eden Prairie, MN.

    Gail holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Minnesota State University – Moorhead, MN.




  • Andrea Fazendin, Project Consultant

  • Andrea provides clients with a unique blend of ideas for artwork and space branding in commercial environments. Her experience includes artwork project management, marketing and branding. She loves consulting with clients to determine the best way to tell their story in their space. Andrea holds a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Montana and is an exhibiting artist.


    (952) 548-6653

  • Kari Stecher, Project Consultant

  • Kari’s background in environmental graphic design and project management brings a unique perspective to any problem. Specifically, she has extensive experience assisting architects, interior designers and public artists. She most enjoys collaborating with clients to help achieve their vision. Kari holds a BA in Graphic Design from Grand View University in Des Moines, IA.


    (515) 505-2198


  • Janie Mork, Senior Project Associate

  • janie-mork
    Janie has worked in art consulting and custom framing since 2002. She has experience in many areas of the art world including custom framing in a high-production shop, retail frame design and gallery sales. Janie assists our staff with image resourcing, design and project management.  Janie holds a BA in Studio Art from the University of Minnesota Morris and showcases her own artwork in galleries and at art fairs.


    (952) 548-6647

  • Clare Fleischhacker, Senior Account Associate

  • clare-scharf
    Clare has a diverse background spanning interior design firms, retail, and visual merchandising. She loves seeing spaces transform throughout the design process – from an initial meeting to post-installation. Clare holds a BS in Interior Design from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


    (952) 548-6659

  • Joe Atol, Design Associate

  • Joe’s experience in the sign industry, coupled with his passion for architecture and branding make his work in production and as an environmental graphic designer an excellent fit. Joe holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota, Duluth.


    (952) 548-6648

  • Matthew Scauzillo, Deign Associate


    Matthew has a background in Interior and Exterior Signage. Some of his favorite podcasts are 99% Invisible and The Adventure Zone. He has a B.A. in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley.



  • Jameson Zaerr, Account Manager

  • Years of designing exhibitions alongside artists has developed Jameson’s ability to help clients bring their ideas into the world.   With each unique challenge, he strives to create success with significance through a dedication to all audiences.  Jameson holds a BFA in Studio Art with an Art History Minor.


    (952) 697-6762

  • Joy Peterson, Account Associate

  • Joy has an interdisciplinary design background and experience in the sign industry.  She is a painter in her free time. She received her BDA in Architectural Design with a minor in Product Design from the University of Minnesota.



  • Kristie Kordosky, Project Associate

  • Kristie is outgoing, motivated and has a passion for anything creative.  She enjoys assisting and fulfilling the client’s visual goal from start to finish. With years of experience in Corporate Branding and Graphic Design, her creative passion and organization makes her a reliable project manager. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and Visual Art from the University of North Dakota.



    (952) 697-6758

  • Kali Breska, Project Associate


    Kali graduated from St. Olaf College in 2019 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Studio Art and Exercise Science. She returned the following year as an art apprentice. Kali has experience as an acrylic painter, as well as in freelance illustration and wedding signage. With an eye for detail and a love for the creative process, she looks forward to helping clients add visual interest to their spaces.


    Phone: (952) 967-6760

  • Sophie Hansen, Project Associate

  • Sophie is a detail-oriented creative problem solver who has experience in project management, art consulting, and social media management. She is also an interdisciplinary artist and holds a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and has an active studio practice.


    Phone: (952)548-6657

  • Neil Bechtold, Production Associate

  • neil-bechtold
    Neil’s years of experience includes management of all facets of custom framing production including design, sales and installation of both commercial and retail accounts. Neil is particularly interested in quality assurance and end product presentation so a client’s expectations are fully met. Neil is an active artist and holds a BFA in Painting from the University of Minnesota Duluth.


    (952) 548-6654

  • Jose Dominguez, Production Associate

  • jose-1
    Jose received a BA in Graphic Design and Studio Art while attending Winona State University. His approach to creative problem solving is based on a cross-pollination of art and design principles. He has experience in gallery installation and is currently active in pursuing his artistic endeavors.


    (952) 697-6763

  • Patrick Bossert, Installation Associate

  • patrick-bossert
    Patrick started his career in 1996 as a custom framer before moving into installations. His background in framing serves our clients well in the field. He has the experience to advise Art Partners Group and our clients on the best hardware and hanging methods for all types of installations. In addition to his art hanging skills, he is a master at specialty installations including cable systems, displays and history walls.


    (952) 548-6646

  • Mark Adams, Installation Associate

  • Mark began his career as a Project Manager for a company that installed art and furniture in luxury hotels. Mark then started an installation company working with local galleries and interior designers in MN that he eventually sold.

    One of his most memorable installs was installing the high school hockey jerseys at Xcel Energy Center entry lobby.

    Mark has over 25 years of experience.



  • Jeff Higgins, Installation Associate

  • Jeff has been in the sign and graphic industry since 2009 specializing in complex installations and national installation management. Previous to that he was in the construction industry for 20 years.

    Jeff prides himself with quality work and customer relationships, and with his past experiences, Jeff will help make sure your project is done correctly, on time and within budget.


    (952) 548-6657

  • Mandi Hansen, Installation and Production Associate


    After graduation, Mandi has gained ample experience in production, installation and graphic design in the sign industry. When she’s not busy with DIY projects, she likes to draw in her spare time. Mandi received a BA in Studio Art from the University of Minnesota.


    Phone: 612)965-1435

  • Jason Saks, Production Associate

  • Jason has 20 years of experience in art production. He is always up for a challenge and as he says “here to make your day better!” Jason has a degree in graphic design.


    (952) 548-6645

  • Ben Leahy, Production Associate

  • ben2
    Since 2008, Ben has gained ample experience in custom framing, construction and spacial design consulting. He has a passion for customer service and uses his knowledge of color, space and design in all aspects of his work. He is an active artist and holds a BFA from Iowa State University with an emphasis in painting and printmaking.


    (952) 697-6757

  • Gerald Nelson, Production Associate

  • gerald3

    Gerald has an enthusiasm for art and the art making process. He holds a B.A. in printmaking from MSUM in Moorhead, Minnesota. Since moving to the cities he has been consumed by remodeling his house, but has high hopes of spending more time in the studio.


    (952) 697-6761

  • Ricky Williams, Production Associate

  • Ricky joined Art Partners Group in 2019 with experience in both design and production. He enjoys getting out and being creative with his camera. Ricky received his BA in Graphic Design from Saint Mary’s University in Winona, MN.


    Phone: 952)697-6764

  • Nick Vander Loop, Production Associate

  • Nick has extensive experience creating, framing, and installing corporate and fine artwork. Coming from an artist-filled family and holding a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, he always strives for top quality in all his art-related endeavors.


    Phone: (952)697-6766

  • Nate Koffron, Production Associate

  • Nate has a degree in graphic design with an emphasis on illustration, lettering and hand painted signs. Always eager for the challenge to learn something new, he is passionate about the creative process and strives for the highest level of customer service.


    (952) 548-6651

  • Joey Raso, Production Associate

  • Joey is a graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato with a BFA in Graphic Design and a concentration in Printmaking. He found his professional beginning in Columbus, Ohio where he has experience in the Sign Industry designing and producing beverage advertisements. He also has experience in CAD Illustration designing footwear and freelancing branding projects. Joey strives to be a well rounded designer by learning new techniques and applications.


    Phone: (952) 548-6649